Online gambling addiction and how to cure it.

Online gambling addiction is the phenomenon when players lose their sense of time and place after spending long hours on their slots, , etc. This problem can be cured in a few simple ways.

Gambling addiction symptoms

You are dreaming about gambling all the time. Your mind is pre-occupied with the best strategies to win your slot, Roulette, etc. You can't concentrate on your job because of excessive gambling. There are other symptoms too.

  • Gambling addiction, if untreated, can also lead you to jail.

You spend far too much on betting than you can afford. This leads to a depleted bank balance, and a piling up of debts. Gambling addiction can also lead to a rupture in relationships with friends and family.

Ruptured family relationships

When you spend too much time on your slot, table-game, etc., you are shutting yourself out from your spouse, children, friends, and office colleagues. You would much rather spend time gambling than check your child's progress in school.

When you become addicted to online gambling, you also tend to avoid social gatherings and functions. When you continue with this behaviour, your friends and family members will stop thinking about you after some time.

How to cure your gambling addiction?

The first step in this direction is to recognize that you are indeed facing a gambling problem. Find out the root cause of this problem. You can start by cutting down on your gambling time.

  • Visit a psychologist if things go out of control.

If you are unable to find out about your addiction, please read some online resources about this problem and the ways to treat it. You can also consider gambling online according to a budget.

Set small goals

Take some time off from your online gambling by identifying small goals daily, weekly or monthly. For instance, you can consider running 5 miles a week. Upon achieving these simple goals, you will feel happy and satisfied.

Three are other small goals for you. For example, set up a goal of watching the latest Netflix flick over the weekend. Another goal could be taking a short hike in the countryside over the weekend.


Other ways of curing gambling addiction

You'd be surprised to know there are several gambling websites that let you exclude them for some time. If you are addicted to gambling on a particular casino, consider shutting it out for sometime.

  • Online gambling, if done responsibly, can be fun.

During this period, the excluded casino will not pop up for the specified period. This will let you focus on your job, and help you reclaim your life. Check if your casino has the self-exclusion functionality.